Exercises by difficulty


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Difficulty A

T09.004- Amount of cameras with sensor CMOS.

T09.016- Amount of articles with stock 0

Difficulty B

T09.001- How many articles of each brand are there?

T09.012- There were an error in Tiendaonline and we introduce some articles without stock, with zero units available, in the basket. Obtain the code of those articles and how many times they appear in the basket.

T09.014- How many times have each article being ordered? If there are articles that have not been included in any order they will also appear in the output. Show the code and the name of the article together with the times it has been included in an order (only if it has been included, it is not the "amount").

T09.017- Amount of articles that are not a memory, nor a tiv, nor a lens nor a pack.

Difficulty C

T09.002- How many brands have less than 150 articles?

T09.003- How many brands have less than 150 articles (avoid the brands with Null)?

T09.005- Dni, name, surnames and email of the users that have requested any order.

T09.006- Orders (number of order and user) with total cost greater than 4000 euros.

T09.007- Orders (number of order and user) with more than 10 articles, showing the amount.

T09.008- Orders (number of order and user) that contains more than four distinct articles.

T09.009- Are there two provinces with the same name (repeated name)?

T09.010- Are there any town with repeated name?

T09.011- Get the code and name of the provinces that have more than 100 towns.

T09.013- Clients that have got (ordered) more than 2 tvs.

T09.015- Code and name of the provinces that have more than 50 users (province of the user, note the delivery address)

T09.018- Number of articles requested by pronvince (province of the user not the delivery address). Show the code of the province, its name and the how many times it has been ordered; if the province have not associated this amount, show "0" in this column.

T09.019- Code and name of the articles that have been requested in all the orders of the user acm@colegas.com