Ejercicios propuestos


Classified by difficulty

P02.001- Create a table with name XX with 2 columns, col1 with integer type and col2 with char(3) type, and define col1 as primary key.

P02.002- Select the table

P02.003- Insert in the table the row (1,'AA')

P02.004- Insert in the table the row ('BB',2)

P02.005- Insert in the table the row (2,'BB')

P02.006- Select the table XX

P02.007- Close the session and identify again ("close and sign in again" or "disconnect" and "connect"). Next select again XX. Actually, if you have this clear it is not necessary for you to do it. We pretend to check the persistency of the created table and the data it contains: closing the session do not delete the stored data. Only drop table can eliminate the table from the catalog.

P02.008- Delete the table XX

P02.009- Create a table YY with 3 columns
col2(char(2)) and
and primary key (col1, col2)

P02.010- Insert the following data and query the table in order to see the stored data
(0,'','eighth') --0, empty string, 'eighth'